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Arnold Pinnix

A winner of the Lorraine Hansberry award and the Kennedy Center award, to name a few, Arnold Pinnix is a multiple award winning playwright and actor. He has won a Playwrights Lab Award, and the National Association for Dramatic Speech award. His Award winning plays are: ”Junk” a musical play for young people; ”The Peacemaker” a work based on the life of DR. Martin Luther King Jr.,  and “Free To Learn” a new musical based on the landmark Brown vs. Board of Education case.  A native of Burlington, North Carolina, Mr. Pinnix was discovered by the Rev. Jesse Jackson who brought him  to New York to write comedy  for  Saturday Night Live. Mr. Pinnix then interned on the Cosby Show,  and later studied sitcom writing and directing. He produced and directed a children's talent showcase at the world famous Apollo Theater where he made history as the first producer/director to do such an event. As a result, Apollo Kids became an exciting feature of “Show Time at the Apollo.” Mr. Pinnix  has dedicated over 20 years of national community service. He is currently the Producing Director of the Negro Ensemble Company, Inc.,  President of 3THW Music Publishing Inc., and Director of “On-the-Job Training program” for the Negro Ensemble Company Inc. Mr. Pinnix is currenty the producer and head writer for the hit internet television show Newsnoir on the Drum Television Network. He is also the New York representative and film producer at Carolina Pinnacle Studios in Yanceyville North Carolina. 

New Artist
Travis Snow

Ask Phant’m (Travis Snow) of the Hip-Opera what rap record changed his life and he'll laugh, “All of them."  He says, "I’ve been doing hip-hop since I was eleven; I was raised with hip-hop. This is my destiny.”

His destiny is now a reality. His hip-hop comes without gimmicks and spins a wicked beat with an ingenious flow.
 “A lot of artists keep their art and personal lives separate. I can’t do that. Rap is more therapeutic for me. Whatever I’m going through I put that into a song,.” says Travis. Such is the case with his moody cuts like “Cuz I am a man” or “Let it Be” which documents his struggles from the street corner to the record industry. ”I want to be multi-faceted,” Phant’m explains.
Born In NYC, Travis lived in Brooklyn  untill he was eighteen, then he moved upstate to attend college. At age16, Travis had already determined to take his love of hip hop and his vocal skills to another level.  "If there was a cipher on the corner, or a hip-hop show somewhere, I was there,"  he says.

In 2004 things changed as Phant’m's “self-promotion” mindset led him to Good Money Studios and from there to Joseph Henry of 3THW Music in 2006. Impressed with Phant'm, Joseph Henry offered Travis a long term publishing deal.


303 West 42nd Street New York NY 10036 212-245-7557