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The eye of One

Welcome to the 3THW Music Website!

There's a new and exciting musical revolution in the New Millennium -- the sound of 3THW Music Publishers Inc. As an artist under our roster, doors to a successful music career swing open for you, through the guidance of our experienced team of managers, voice iInstructors, studio musicians and publicists -- each committed to your success.


Our artists captivate music enthusiasts worldwide! We extend every effort to maintain our artists on the cutting edge of the latest innovations in the recording industry, assuring their popularity and expanding their creative repertoires!

Let's face it, popular recording artists sell more than unknown artists. Be on the cutting edge of the latest recording industry innovations which captivate public attention and assure artist creativity and popularity.


Our artists thrive in the "Big Apple" as well as other major cities, as we successfully guide their careers to maintain them as "Apples" in the public eye.



To offer comments, learn about our sales and specials, or just reach out and touch us; join our mailing list

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303 West 42nd Street New York NY 10036 212-245-7557